Fhiaba Refrigeration

Looking for a true luxury brand in home refrigeration? If the highest quality, performance and design esthetics are your criteria, look no further than Fhiaba. These beautiful Italian-designed and manufactured refrigerators set the standard for high-end kitchens. Stainless steel inside and out, a Fhiaba refrigerator or wine chiller will elevate your kitchen to professional standards of performance, reliability and design. 

Fhiaba offers three distinct lines: The X-Pro series, with upper ventilation grilles and tubular stainless steel handles, would feel at home in the world’s best 5-star kitchens. The Integrated series is panel-ready, so that your refrigeration units blend seamlessly with your cabinetry. And the Brilliance series features white-painted aluminum interior walls and a powerful LED lighting system, to create an especially bright, attractive interior. 

Why buy Fhiaba? There are so many reasons! First, you’ll have much more interior food storage depth, as Fhiaba’s compressors are not at the back of the unit but rather to the side, meaning your refrigerator can fit that extra-large pizza or full sheet pan with ease. And Fhiaba’s patented “zero reveal” hidden door hinges allow for sleek, unbroken lines in your kitchen, as the hinges are not visible from the front or sides. There’s no risk of the door bumping into the cabinets on either side when fully opened either. Specially treated antibacterial stainless steel interiors mean Fhiaba refrigerators protect your food and your family from food-borne illness. Patented “Evenlift” shelves can be adjusted to any height of the unit for maximum storage flexibility. And the temperature in the TriMode compartment can be adjusted to differ from the main section of the refrigerator, for specialty refrigeration needs. Finally, many of Fhiaba’s wine coolers feature beautiful natural wood shelving, for a sophisticated appearance. Anti-vibration technology as well as humidity control make Fhiaba the manufacturer of choice for those who value their wine collection.

Fhiaba offers expert servicing in the United States and easy access to parts when needed. Their residential warranty is an industry-leading 2/5/12: two years full product warranty; five years for the sealed system parts and labor; and twelve years for the sealed system, parts only. 

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