There is a 25% deposit due at the time of order on appliances if the lead time exceeds 30 days. The balance is due prior to shipping. For all other products and special order items, e.g., orders with custom colors, the full payment is due at the time of order. Special order items cannot be canceled and are not returnable. Orders for standard items may be canceled before shipping for a full refund. Orders canceled after shipment from the warehouse but before delivery to the customer incur a 7.5% shipping fee on the price before discounts, rebates, and sales tax.

When the ordered products are ready for delivery, customers must accept the delivery within 7 calendar days. Storage fees will accrue thereafter unless noted. Fees depend on the number of products stored. Please ask if you need a quote.

Shipping rates and times vary with product. If you'd like to discuss shipping options, please contact our team.



Installation is not included. Proper installation of many of our products is important for reliable performance and safety. We recommend professional installation for appliances and other products such as bathtubs and floating vanities. While we are usually able to recommend one or more installers, LUXX is not responsible for damage or other problems caused by the installer you select. Contact us if such problems occur as we may be able to help you resolve them.