Caliber’s award-winning indoor and outdoor kitchen appliances live up to their “True American Luxury” motto, with customizable and design-focused products in a full range of sizes, beginning with Caliber’s ultra-customizable 72” Pro Indoor range. Caliber is the first American manufacturer capable of producing entire custom cooking suites for home use. Want the highest performance in your range ~ and the color matched to your kitchen’s precise palette? Look no farther than Caliber.

Caliber’s CR6 indoor open-top burners can produce 23,000 BTU of powerful heat, yet can also melt chocolate without burning (130 degrees F). A patented system designed by Caliber’s in-house engineering team means the flame will not flatten out and wrap up around the cooking vessel, which leads to inefficient, inconsistent heating. A full 24” depth is available on the rangetop, compared to the usual 21-22” found in competing brands, allowing for easier use of multiple large pots and pans. Expert home chefs will appreciate Caliber’s attention to this kind of detail!

Other surface options include solid stainless steel griddles (18,000 BTU), French tops (25,000 BTU) and a 20,000 BTU grill. Full-sized ovens heat up incredibly fast, with perfect heat distribution and a sealed infrared broiler that routes excess heat away from the food, so that you get perfect broiling without “baking” your meal. A full commercial sheet pan will fit into any Caliber main oven, and the 2.2 cubic foot secondary oven (48” ranges only) allows you to prepare smaller meals without heating the larger oven. The 48” range can be configured in numerous ways ~ from six burners with a grill, griddle or French top, to four burners with a grill and griddle or four burners with a French top and griddle. The 72” range offers even more options, including eight burners with a French top and griddle, or six burners with a French top and double griddle. Caliber allows you to have it your way!