Here's just one. We could show you more but this one says it all.

Peter in NY, an actual customer, posted this review to a pretty famous search engine. We were pretty tickled when we saw it, typos and all. And to be clear, Peter was very anxious to get his range in time for his wife's birthday, but he wasn't the least bit annoying.

"These guys are incredible. We had a nightmare ordering scenario with another vendor (the other people couldn’t meet any delivery expectations; couldn’t update; couldn’t inform). By contrast, the team at Luxx was amazing — even witj all the covid crazy. They got us a range that NO ONE in the whole USA had in stock. They got it to us when they promised (in time for a Covid birthday!). When there was a hiccup that was the freight company’s issue, they jumped in. Everybody was available. Everybody was kind. (And I can be super annoying).

In a world where nobody goes the extra mile, where nobody does the right thing, where few people are accountable and almost nobody is kind, these people rock across the board. Whether you are in California, New York (us), Idaho, or anywhere in between, call them up,order some great stuff, And sleep well at night. Luxx kitchen and bath is good people. And when do you hear THAT anymore??!!!!"

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