Upgrading your kitchen or building a new home?

A great way to update your kitchen design is to use a cooktop, also known as a range top, instead of a full-sized range (aka stove or cooker). A cooktop is a thin, flat cooking surface built into a cutout in your countertop or island, rather than being a huge standalone appliance with an oven below the cooking surface. There are several important advantages to using a cooktop instead of a range. Keep reading to learn more.

A cooktop gives you incredible flexibility with your kitchen design. If you’re planning on installing a wall-mounted oven or ovens, you really won’t need the oven that‘s traditionally found beneath a range. When your cooktop is freed from the confines of a range, you can put it literally anywhere in the kitchen where there’s enough space and adequate ventilation. You can put the cooktop on the kitchen island, so that you’re facing out towards your family or guests, rather than facing a wall, as usually happens with a range. And let’s face it, most of us prefer wall-mounted ovens because they‘re so much easier to work with. No more stooping or even kneeling in front of your stove to get a heavy roast out of the oven! Wall-mounted ovens are definitely the style of choice for most consumers, which means a cooktop is the logical choice to go with those wall-mounted ovens.

Cooktops and wall ovens are built-in appliances, giving your kitchen a more luxurious, seamless look that can’t be achieved with a bulky stand-alone range.  If you’re looking for a modern, elegant look in your new kitchen, built-ins may be exactly what you want. And think of this: your oven and cooktop don’t need to be the same width once you opt for a wall oven and cooktop ~ you could have a 27” oven and a 36” cooktop, for example. You could choose one brand for the oven and one for the cooktop. There’s no reason why they need to be the same brand.

Now, buying a cooktop with a wall-mounted oven or ovens may initially be more expensive than buying a range ~ but consider what happens when your range’s oven eventually dies, or when you decide you want to upgrade your gas burners for an induction top. You’re stuck replacing the entire unit, even though the range top may still work just fine ~ or vice versa. With separate, built-in wall ovens and a cooktop, each appliance is independent of the others and can be replaced at will. Feel like taking out one wall oven and installing a cool new steam combi oven? Do it! Maybe you’d like a speed oven, which combines the functions of a microwave, convection oven, air fryer and toaster? No problem! Flexibility is the name of the game once you decouple the oven/cooktop combination found in a traditional range. And opting for a cooktop will allow you to spend your kitchen remodeling budget more wisely by choosing appliances that truly meet your needs and your taste. Don’t bake much but do more cooking? Get a smaller oven or one with fewer bells and whistles, and put the extra money towards a larger cooktop! One caveat: If you’re renovating and switching out a range for a wall oven and cooktop, you’ll lose some countertop and/or cabinet space. But on the other hand, all the space taken up by your old range will now be available for cabinetry or workspace (or both). You may end up with a net gain in cabinets/workspace. That’s a win! And if you choose an induction range, or a traditional electric glass-top range, you’ll gain counter space, as those two types of cooktop can be used as an additional work surface when not being used for cooking.

Keep in mind that manufacturers usually add new features and functions to built-in appliances first, rather than to standalone appliances. That means by buying a built-in cooktop and or wall oven, you’ll probably get the newest bells and whistles long before you would if you bought a standalone range.

A cooktop is also more comfortable and more convenient for many home chefs. Think how convenient it would be to have a drawer full of cooking utensils directly underneath your cooktop – something you can’t have with a standalone range. And, of course, think back to how inconvenient it is to pull pans and trays out from the oven of a standalone range. Particularly for older consumers, this could pose a safety issue.
And for anyone who is especially tall, especially short, or who has special needs like cooking from a wheelchair, a cooktop will allow you to place the cooking surface at the height that best suits you and your particular situation. It’s the ultimate in kitchen customization!

Feel free to drop in the LUXX Kitchen and Bath showroom here in Boise, Idaho and have a look at our Fulgor Milano induction cooktop, wall-mounted ovens and other beautiful built-in appliances. We’re always happy to show off our latest products!