24" LH - Integrated Bottom Compressor Column - 2 Zone Wine

24" LH - Integrated Bottom Compressor Column - 2 Zone Wine

24" LH - Integrated Bottom Compressor Column - 2 Zone Wine

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Both beautiful and functional, our overlay wine columns allow for custom panel installation to provide a completely integrated look with adjacent cabinets. Wine preservation is critical to us and like our other premium refrigeration we combine the latest technology to ensure the highest performance. A dedicated compressor and dual evaporators provide independently controlled cooling zones with consistent and precise temperatures throughout. A solid triple layer of UV protected glass on the Wine Cellar protects contents from harmful UV light, external temperatures and humidity changes which can be damaging to your wine.

As a separate purchase, there are also available the Professional handle kit or the Distinto handle kit.

  • Integrated Installation
  • Led Lighting
  • Holiday Mode
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Panel Ready Exterior
Two temperature zones
12 Natural wood shelves for 80 bottles total storage capacity
Luminous white interior
Multilevel LED lighting
The Brand


Fulgor Milano


A common thread runs through the story of Fulgor Milano that is closely tied to the history of a family with deep roots in the fabric of the Veneto region of Italy. The story begins when an enlightened entrepreneur embarked upon an ambitious journey of applying his artisanal skills to the production of tools and components for appliances.

A passion for quality, contemporary design and the Italian way of life inspire us to continually improve and develop in the area of innovation. Although Fulgor Milano has had a history of manufacturing cooking equipment since the late '40s, it became our goal to build on that heritage and develop cooking equipment that would exceed all expectations of quality, performance, and styling.