Faber Make-up Air Kits

Faber Make-up Air Kits

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The building codes in many USA jurisdictions require a make-up air source for range hoods that equal or exceed 400 CFM. This is to prevent negative air pressure from developing in your home. Negative air pressure can reduce the effectiveness of your range hood or pull air from undesirable places such as your garage. Please consult with your contractor or local building code for specifics that apply to your project.

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About Faber
Faber SPA is located in Fabriano, Italy and has been producing high quality range hoods since 1955. Professor Abramo Galassi invented the first Faber vent hood in a small laboratory in Italy and now more than 50 years later they are a world leader in premium kitchen ventilation. Faber products show a company wide commitment to technology, quality and design.

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